Product Summary

Rabbit Closer is an automated lead management service that helps lead buyers, such as insurance agents, turn more leads into actual customers. It automates many lead management best practices, such as instantly reaching out to potential customers via SMS and email in a personalized way, adjusting messaging in real-time based on customer responses, and attempting to convert leads into inbound customer calls.

To get started, sign up for a free trial account. Our integration team will build your account, integrate your existing lead providers to Rabbit Closer, and customize all inbound and outbound communications with your agency’s contact information and branding.

How It Works

Rabbit Closer helps you close more leads, by automating many of the lead management practices that small and mid-sized businesses typically do not have the manpower or organizational infrastructure to implement.

We integrate with your lead provider(s), and enable you to have automated SMS and email outreach to leads, automatically change the conversation flow based on lead responses, convert web leads into inbound calls, analyze your lead sources to identify your best ROI, and track your leads performance.

We provide you with a login to your account dashboard, where you can view all of your leads, communications and responses in real-time. And, to supplement automated responses, your staff can respond via SMS or email to customers on an individual basis.

Your Rabbit Closer account can be customized to send the specific messages you want, when you want to send them, or you can use the templates and communication schedule that is pre-loaded in your account.

Plans & Subscriptions

Rabbit Closer offers various pricing plans, which can be found on the Pricing & Plans page. All plans have access to Rabbit Closer’s full feature set. This includes all of the lead provider integrations, Automated SMS and Email Outreach, Email Drop Campaigns, Inbound Call Generation, Lead Tagging, Lead Source ROI Analysis and more.

Plans are differentiated by their allotment of leads managed per month, organization member logins, and account setup level.

A Lead Managed is any lead entered into Rabbit Closer’s platform, whether added manually by you, the agent, or automatically imported into Rabbit Closer via an integration with one of your lead sources. This applies regardless of whether the lead converted into a customer and regardless of the level of Rabbit Closer’s interaction with that lead.

An Organization is an entity that houses your leads so that they can be centralized and accessed by multiple user accounts. Organizations typically correspond to a business entity, such as an insurance agency, with employees becoming members, but can be used however you see fit.

Account Setup is included with all Rabbit Closer plans. Some plans include Basic Account Setup, others include a Custom Account Setup. Basic Account Setup includes assisting you, via email, to integrate your lead providers with your Rabbit Closer account, as well as provide limited troubleshooting support. Customers with Basic Account Setup are responsible for configuring their own account settings and messaging. Customized Account Setup includes assisting you not only in integration and troubleshooting, but also with customizing campaigns and messaging.

Plans can be upgraded at any time. If you are interested in a custom plan, please contact us.  You can also cancel your paid plan at any time by contacting us.

Account Management

Account Access

Once you’ve signed up for Rabbit Closer, your new account will be configured, and, once completed, you’ll receive an email with your login credentials. Depending on which lead providers you use, initial configuration will take between 1-2 days. We will also include in that email instructions to complete any remaining on-boarding steps.

Your Rabbit Closer account will be pre-customized for your agency, including having your agency’s logo, branding, and contact details included in all outbound SMS and email communications. While you can request further customization to your account configuration, for the vast majority of Rabbit Closer users, your account is ready to use the moment you receive your login credentials.

Use your login credentials to access your dashboard via the My Account link on RabbitCloser.com which provides you with access to all of the account features.

Lead Providers

Rabbit Closer integrates with 30+ leading insurance lead providers, so you can choose the lead provider(s) that work best for your agency. You can integrate multiple lead providers into your Rabbit Closer account.

After signing up for Rabbit Closer, if you haven’t already selected a provider to buy leads from, our team can help you select a lead provider(s) during your complimentary account setup call.

Payments & Cancellations

All Rabbit Closer plans begin with a free trial period. Plans are billed on the expiration of the free trial period, and monthly (or annually) thereafter.

In addition to your Plan charge, if you exceed your plan’s monthly lead allotment, we’ll kindly reach out and offer you the choice to upgrade your account, or, alternatively, overage fees will be charged to the payment method on file, at a rate of $20.00 per 100 leads. Plans can be upgraded at any time. If you are interested in a custom plan, please contact us.  

You may cancel your Rabbit Closer account at any time by simply contacting us and requesting cancellation; however, there are no refunds for cancellation.  Your lead data and contact access will be removed upon cancellation. Therefore, you should view and export your lead data prior to cancellation. You can reactivate your account at any time. 

Password Reset

If you don’t remember your Rabbit Closer account password, select Reset User Password on your My Account page. You will be directed to a password reset page. Enter your email address, and you’ll be sent a link to reset your password.

If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check your spam or junk folders. If you still have not received the email, please contact our support team.

How To

Get Started Using Your Account

Congratulations on your new Rabbit Closer account! Below are five steps for you to fully utilize your new account.

Step 1. Log In
Your new account has already been configured to import and handle any new leads. New leads will automatically receive an initial text and email, generated by Rabbit Closer, on behalf of your agency, and customized with your agency’s branding and contact information. So even if you do nothing, you’ll start seeing some benefits to using Rabbit Closer right away.

But there’s a lot more that Rabbit Closer can do to help you close more leads. To get started, the first step is to Log In to your new account. Use the login credentials you received in your Welcome Email via the My Account link on RabbitCloser.com to access your Account Dashboard.

Learn More: Read the FAQ – Account Access or Watch this video to answer any login questions.

Step 2. Access Your CRM
All new leads will automatically get imported into your Rabbit Closer CRM. Your CRM allows you to access Lead contact information, see what communication back and forth has already happened with a lead, and the CRM enables you to change the messaging that Rabbit Closer sends out to that lead by dragging and dropping the lead to a new stage.

Learn More: Read the FAQ – CRM or Watch this video to learn some of your CRM’s basic functions and how to use them.

Step 3. Access Your SMS Platform
Leads respond to insurance agents via SMS / Text at much higher rates than they do to phone calls or even emails. So Rabbit Closer automatically sends Leads SMS / Texts which are branded with your agency’s contact information and branding. But in addition to that automated texting, your staff can also manually respond to texts from Leads, via the included SMS platform.

Learn More: Learn how to send and receive texts on your SMS platform.

Step 4. Download the Mobile Apps
While you can do everything from the desktop version of Rabbit Closer, most agents prefer to use the mobile app versions of the CRM (Apple and Android) and SMS/Texting platform (Apple and Android) because of the speed and convenience advantages they offer. With the mobile apps installed, you can manage your entire Lead operation from the convenience of your phone, speed up response times, and even distribute the workload of responding to texts among staff by using the two free included apps.

Learn More: Read the article FAQ – Mobile App to learn how to download and start using the included mobile apps.

Step 5. Get Support
We encourage you to reach out and ask any questions, or schedule a complimentary video call where we can talk about your agency’s unique needs, so that we can help you use Rabbit Closer to maximize your agency’s lead closing rate.

Learn More: Check out or FAQ or Open a Ticket to request a complimentary onboarding video call or to address a specific issue you’re having.


All Rabbit Closer plans include a CRM, which you can access via the My Account link on RabbitCloser.com.

Your CRM Dashboard is what you’ll see when you log in to your CRM. The Dashboard lists all of your leads, and organizes them into Stages.  As your leads advance through Stages, which you can see listed on the top of the Dashboard, Rabbit Closer automatically sends out stage specific texts and emails to the Lead. Your Dashboard is a good place for your staff to to start working from each day. They can start by reviewing and calling or emailing new leads, which will automatically appear in the New Leads column of your CRM Dashboard as you receive them. Or your staff can reach out to older leads and attempt to close them. 

Lead Details Screen
In addition to your Dashboard, the other screen you’ll want to be familiar with is your Lead Details screen. Double-click on any lead to pull up the Lead Details screen. Your Lead Details will show you the contact information for your lead, as well as the full history of any communications that have happened with that lead, and give you access to the ‘Won’ and ‘Lost’ buttons (which will stop any future automated communications) for that lead.  All of the automated communications that go out are automatically listed on the Leads Details screen, and if the Lead responds to the outbound texts, those are also automatically listed. 

So, if your staff makes sure to add any non-automated conversations that you have with the Lead, your Lead Details screen will be a perfect single place for your staff to go to see every communication back and forth between your team and the customer. 

Step-By-Step How To Manage A Lead In Your CRM
When you receive a new lead, RabbitCloser automatically imports the lead into your CRM, and it will be waiting for you in the New Leads Stage in your Dashboard when you log in. That new lead will have already automatically been sent an SMS and email that introduces the Lead to your Agency. And you will also have already received an email (and optional SMS) that lets your Agency know a new lead has been received. 

When your staff logs in to your Dashboard, they’ll see the new Lead listed. Here’s typically how a lead is handled….

  1. Open the Lead Details: The first thing you need to do, is double click the Lead on the CRM Dashboard to see the Lead Details.

  2. Start the Automated Series of Contacts: To start the series of automated SMS and emails, you’ll need to click ‘+ Link A Person’ and begin typing in the Lead’s name. Then click the ‘Link a Person’ button. 

    Note: Failing to do this will prevent the automated series of SMS and emails from going out.

  3. Review the Communications History:  On the Lead Details screen, you’ll see all of the communications that have already occurred with this Lead, including the automated messages that Rabbit Closer has sent out on your behalf, and any responses, if the customer responded to the automated texts. 

    Note: Emails that are not sent using the Inbox built-in to the Lead Details screen will not be automatically imported into your CRM. So most customer responses that come in via email, along with other non-automated outreach such as phone calls, should be manually added to the Lead Details screen by your staff in order to ensure the communications history remains complete.

  4. Reach Out To The Lead: Depending on your office’s lead closing strategy, your staff can then reach out to the new Lead, and note in the Lead Details, how and when the Lead was contacted, and add conversation notes. 

  5. Drag and Drop The Lead to the Appropriate Stage:  Based on your conversation with the Lead, on the Dashboard, drag and drop the Lead to the appropriate stage in the CRM. 

    Alternative Option: Some agencies, particularly when using lower value leads, do not want to spend staff time manually calling leads. So as an alternative to actively reaching out to the lead, some agencies let Rabbit Closer handle all of the outreach. If that is your preference, and your Agency never drags and drops a lead to a new stage, RabbitCloser will automatically advance the Lead through stages over time for you, and at each stage send the lead a unique SMS and email message in an attempt to engage with the Lead and have the lead call in, text, or email into your office.  

  6. Close Out Leads: When you’re ready to close a lead out, either because you’ve won their business, or it didn’t work out and you don’t want to continue reaching out to the Lead, your team can click ‘Won’ or ‘Lost’ and any automated email and SMS communications will stop.
SMS / Text

All Rabbit Closer accounts include access to an integrated SMS / Texting application, called Sakari. 

Why Use The SMS/Text Application
Statistically, Leads respond better to texts than email or calls. So Rabbit Closer automatically sends your new Leads texts on behalf of your Agency. These automated texts introduce your agency to the Lead, let them know that you’ll be working up a quote on their behalf, and encourage the lead to call into your agency if they have any questions or need any assistance. But these automated outbound texts are only half the equation.

Promptly responding to Leads that text you back dramatically improves Lead closing rates. So enabling your agency to see any responses, and to quickly respond to texts is essential. The integrated SMS / Text application that is included with your Rabbit Closer account enables you to do just that.

Access the Application
The SMS / Text application is available on your Rabbit Closer Dashboard. To access your Dashboard, click the My Account link on RabbitCloser.com, and use the login credentials provided in your Rabbit Closer Welcome Email.

How To Use The Application

Step 1. Login, Click the My Account link on RabbitCloser.com and use the login credentials provided in your Rabbit Closer Welcome Email. Then click the ’SMS’ Application. You may be asked to re-enter your login details the first time you log in.

Step 2. Review Conversations. Click ‘Conversations’, which opens up all existing Text conversations with your Leads. Then click the down arrow (v) on a conversation to see the history of all texts back and forth with that Lead.

Step 3: Send a Text. Click the blue ‘Send Message’ button on the right hand side of the Conversation row. Then simply type in the Text you’d like to send.

Step 4: Close the Conversation. When you have completed the Lead closing process, whether successful or unsuccessful, click the ‘Close Conversation’ button on the right hand side of the Conversation row.

Tip 1: If you frequently send the same messages, you can save time by creating a new SMS Template and saving it in your account, so that it’s available as a dropdown whenever sending texts.

Tip 2: Your outbound texts will all come from the shortened phone number included in your RabbitCloser account.

Tip 3: Any texts, manual or automated, inbound or outbound, will automatically be imported into your CRM on the Lead Details page of that Lead Contact.

Mobile App: SMS/Text

All Rabbit Closer accounts include access to an integrated SMS / Texting mobile app, called Sakari. The texting App is available, for free, for both Apple and Android devices. We recommend that all agencies install the app.

Why Use The SMS/Text App
Statistically, Leads respond better to text than email or calls. So Rabbit Closer automatically sends new Leads texts on behalf of your Agency. But that’s only half the equation.

Responding to Leads that text your agency back dramatically improves Lead closing rates. So enabling your staff to quickly and easily respond to texts is essential. While the mobile app is optional, and you can respond to texts via the desktop version of Rabbit Closer, there are a number of benefits to using the free pre-integrated SMS / Texting mobile app, Sakari.

Push Notifications: Receive push notifications on your phone when a new message response is received.
Conversations Management: View all open conversations and respond in real-time.
Enable Multiple Staff To Respond: Enable multiple staff to reply to texts, when your whole team installs the app.
Close Deals Anywhere: Respond to texts from leads from the convenience of your phone.

Download the App
Visit the App Store (iPad and iPhone) or Google Play (Android devices) to download the app.

How To Use The App

Step 1. Install, Go to the App Store (iPad and iPhone) or Google Play (Android devices) and install the app. 

Step 2. Login, using the credentials provided in your Rabbit Closer Welcome Email. 

Step 3. Enable Notifications, so you’ll get phone alerts whenever a lead responds to one of your agency’s texts.

Note: When you log in, you’ll see all of your open conversations with Leads. Clicking on a conversation will show you all the automated and manual texts that have gone out and any responses.

Step 4. Open a Conversation, and review the texting history.

Step 5. Respond To Leads, whenever you receive an alert. To send a text, just type it in, just like you’d text anyone else.

Note: Your texts will come from the SMS number included in your RabbitCloser account, rather than your personal cell phone number. So, if more than one staff member installs the app, any of you can respond to texts and they’ll all come from that same number.

More Questions? We’ve got answers.

We’re always happy to help troubleshoot or answer other questions you might have, just submit a ticket.