RabbitCloser launched in 2020 with the goal of providing an approachable and effective product for insurance agents to efficiently close their insurance leads. Our product ensures that your insurance agency quickly and professionally responds to all inbound leads, via a customizable blend of SMS, Email and Phone, alerts you to any lead responses, provides a dashboard for your staff to continue the conversation with the lead over the customer’s preferred communications channel, and tracks and stores lead responses.

We help insurance agents automate and optimize lead responses to close more leads.’

Fast and User Friendly

Rabbit Closer is very simple software built to turn your agencies leads into sales. And it does that via automation, and a dashboard that is so easy to use, your entire staff can do it without any training. Studies show that if your office doesn’t respond to new inbound leads within 2 minutes, the likelihood of closing that lead has already fallen 14%. 8 minutes? Over 50%. Rabbit Closer expands your lead conversion efforts by enabling you to reach the prospective customer over multiple channels, and following up with non-converted leads over time, such as nearing their renewal date. This frees up your staff to focus on other things.

Easy to use

Lead management has been available for years by piecing together a plethora of services, tools, databases, and APIs. However, setting up a complete solution means researching and learning a large number of products, then gluing them all together into a complex pipeline. This is a very technical (and unpleasant) hurdle which often causes insurance agencies to shy away from doing this type of very valuable lead management. 

Focused on Lead Closing Rates

Rabbit Closer provides a single, easy-to-use product that lowers the technical hurdles and allows insurance agencies to benefit from end-to-end lead management. We’re proud of democratizing insurance lead management and empowering insurance agents and their staff to close more leads.

Rabbit Closer is headquartered in Seattle, Washington with a remote (and growing) team around the world. We’re working hard everyday to support insurance agents and make Rabbit Closer better.